So many people don't really understand the value of The Compilation CD. That includes a lot of the so-called "Pros" in the music business. Well let me try to explain it to you. Back in the "Good Ole Days" of the 45 RPM Records, all labels, Major and Indie, for a reasonable amount of money, could send out DJ Samples [free] to try and build airplay for new and established artists, for without airplay - "NO SALES." Not to mention personal appearances, souvenir sales and airplay royalties. With Radio Stations demanding "CD's Only" for airplay, a whole new ballgame started. It almost stopped new artists from competing with the "Big Boys", because it cost so much to manufacture and mail the bulky CD's.


Why not put a series of artist on a Compilation CD and let them share the cost? That way they would not have to mortage the farm to get their songs out to Radio Land. "It Worked!" But like any good idea, the "Con Men" started to advertise Compilation Cd's, without any background in the music business and no desire to help the artists, just to make a "Buck". So it is wise to check the background of the people you do business with!!!

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